Ovid Napa Valley

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Ovid Vineyards is one of the most lovely venues in Napa Valley. Situated on Pritchard Hill, the winery produces not only powerfully notable wines, the winery and tasting room is beautifully designed by Howard J. Backen and has gorgeous view of the valley. It has even been the subject of articles in Architectural Digest. This is not to distract from the core endeavor, wine. The oenological efforts have earned as high as 98 points from Wine Spectator. As a web property, the key was to be true to the heart of the endeavor – its ties to Publius Ovidus Naso, the Roman poet – while chronicling the life of this very unique winery. Where decoration and ornament might logically be derived from the wineries print materials – it was eschewed in favor of focusing on the life of the winery and the wine itself.