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How do you capture the life, vitality, and personality to a profession that is thought to be only about precision and efficiency? By allowing those who lead it to speak as they are: interesting, complex and vital individuals. The website for Notkin Mechanical Engineers dovetails into the life and marketing process for the firm, as well as profiling dozens of notable projects. But it is the ability to speak in an authentic manner of the personality of the firm that makes it work.

Tmarks has been helping Notkin for years prior to developing the site. Working in conjunction with the Marketing team we not only developed displays of significant projects but assisted in the development of a one-of-a-kind tradeshow booth.

Most booths feel the same: printed vinyl over an aluminum frame. When we asked what they hoped to achieve, the response was to be able to engage potential clients and see what their true challenges are. Solution: Give away branded drop-forged wrenches and ask them to put a nut on one of the bolts in the backdrop. Why? It not only gave immediate use to the giveaway but provided a few moments to engage people, to discover what their problems were and what Notkin could assist in tightening up.



a more structural tradeshow display



project display boards