Mr. Crumbly Dreams A Tiger

Mr. Crumbly Dreams A Tiger is a piece that is written and illustrated by Terry Marks, that is, yours truly. It’s personal project that saw the light of day as a self-published book by O’Neil Printing in Phoenix and designed by Rule 29 in Illinois.

Mr. Crumbly is a tale inspired by a C.S. Lewis bit where he states that for all the selfless things modeled to us, they were never done for aim of being selfless, but out of love. These selfless acts were done to secure a good for another – out of love. More, that if we think doing without is a virtue, perhaps we’ve taken too much from Kant and the stoics. For if we consider the unblushing promises of heaven, Lewis might deem that our desires are not too great, but too weak. With all the possibility and wonder that lay before us, we might be akin to children making mud pies in the slum because we cannot imagine the reality of a holiday at sea. We desire too little.

With that thought deeply planted, I wrote this story about fear and desire. We should not hold ourselves from what we truly desire for the sake of trepidation. It got something right. And I am glad Mr. Crumbly is out there in the world.


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