Link Mural

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The AIGA Seattle LINK Program works with students from seven or so Seattle area high schools, and works to encourage self-expression and instill self-confidence. Operating for 21 years and counting, the program has worked with more than 500 students and awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and assistance.

The without cost program works primarily vis a vis once a month art workshops led by volunteer artists. The idea is to inspire and to teach the students things they may not find in school or on their own and by way of introduction – let them know they have all the raw ability to make it in the world.

One of the goals of each workshop is to ensure the students can leave the three and half hour workshop with a completed work. The only time when that is in question is when we execute a mural. Case in point: the mural at Tam Industries which measured a not insubstantial 90 feet in length.

With two days spent preparing the surface and materials, the students were taught basic graffiti skills and the mural was completed in a single day, leaving all involved beyond exhaustion, but… given the results and the experience, well worth it.

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