Bryant Family Vineyard

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Among the top tier of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons, Bryant Family Vineyard has a gorgeous parcel above Lake Hennessey that has the benefit of sun, rich soil and the cooling effect from the lake that was described to me as, “a f*ing beautiful piece of dirt,” by one of the most notable winemakers in Napa. Tmarks was engaged to develop their website which has a dual function of being a storefront to a select membership group and a deceptively simple site that tells the story of a wine, from planting to bottling.

Wanting to honor the craft of the process, we relied on custom photography and the actual artifacts – yet no map sufficed. To solve this, tmarks hand-illustrated a topographical map of the greater valley. Bryant Family Vineyards produces wine of the highest quality; it should be represented in a similar fashion.