This is Eric



Eric is a very kind gent into whom I ran last weekend with my family at Uwajimaya. That was important to note in case you thought this was taken in Japan, which would have really been spectacular. But no, it was taken right here at home in Seattle.

This appears on re:marks because Eric was not only kind enough to allow me, a complete stranger, to take his photograph but also because the well-loved sweatshirt he is wearing bears a logo I designed years ago for the Washington Brewer’s Guild. The mark still holds up I rather think. Good group doing good things, spurring on the creation of really good beer. Who can argue with that?

Thank you, Eric and thank you Washington Beer. Hoist a hoppy one in honor of the Evergreen State. Okole maluna!*

*If you’re sharp, you’ll see the really significant thing about the photo: That’s Amy Schumer behind him. No, really…