Damn great ideas

that we might put good things into the world.

  • “They listen, they care, they create, they make you define and focus, develop and scrutinize which gets you happy with your brand, your concept and yourself.”
    - STEVE GALANDO // Simply Simmered & Hibachi House Foods
  • “It was truly pleasure to work with TMarks Design on the development of our new website. Terry was quickly able to grasp and articulate our goals for the project and worked with us iteratively to design and implement a clean and compelling design that works well on all platforms. Terry is able to seamlessly transition between the aesthetic, messaging, and technical aspects of website design and throughout provided clear expectations of cost and timeframe.”
    - DANA JOHNSON // Ovid Napa Valley
  • “I’ve never met anyone easier to work with. Period. He listens, his ego doesn’t get in the way of the process, and he truly connects with the people he works with.

    “He understands brand intimately. …it’s important to have someone on your team who’ll stick their neck out by delivering ideas that are not run-of-the-mill. Terry’s your man.”
    - SHAE KINSMAN // Abreu Vineyards
  • “Terry was able to capture my brand… perfectly… His care to detail and making sure his clients are pleased is an impressive… the ability to translate my brand in a clear, concise way was impressive through the entire process -
    - MARIA CHRISTOFILIS // Anthousa, Fleur09
  • “Angel Fire Resort sought help from TMARKS Design to achieve a goal for bringing a hipper, more youthful audience to our mountain resort, without alienating the families that have been our longtime loyal guests. With their help we have achieved a brand that stands apart from our competition, that is inviting to a broader spectrum of potential guests, that delivers energy and excitement without trying to "fake" cool or edgy. Their execution is consistently right on–they get it and we will continue to utilize their expertise to assist us in growing visits to our vacation destination.”

    - DAVE DEKEMA // Marketing Director, Angel Fire Resort